Learning at Home

As a mum or dad, how can I help with my child’s learning?

All the fun activities that you do with your child at home are important in supporting their learning and development, and have a really long lasting effect on your child’s learning as they progress through school. Even when your child is very young and is not yet able to talk, talking to them helps them to learn and understand new words and ideas. If you make the time every day to do some of the following things with your child it will make a real difference to your child’s confidence as a young learner.

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Every week at Crackerjacks you will be provided with a copy of our Weekly News. This not only keeps you informed about what the children have enjoyed over the past week and the plans for the coming weeks, it also provides you with tips on activities, games or songs you might like to try with your child, to reinforce what they have been learning at Crackerjacks. Staff can also give you advice about the kinds of books or other activities your child might enjoy at different ages.

Why not join us for our regular Stay and Play sessions at Crackerjacks? This will give you the opportunity to not only spend some quality time playing at Crackerjacks with your child, but it will also provide you with additional time with your child’s key person in which to ask questions and advice about your child’s development.

Throughout the year at Crackerjacks, you will also be invited to regular events such as the Story Café, Workshops or Celebration Days. These events provide further examples and information on how you can support your child’s learning within the home environment.

If you look at the Crackerjacks’ Noticeboard you will also find details of what’s on offer at the local children’s centre in Wymondham. The centre puts on a wealth of free activities for you to enjoy with your child.

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