Fees / Funding

As at 1/9/2019 the fee for a 3 hour session at Crackerjacks is £13.50

Cringleford Crackerjacks Charging and Pricing Policy

At Cringleford Crackerjacks Pre-school we believe in good communication with all our parents and staff.  We set our prices and charges in consultation with parents, recognising trends in the market place, the quality we are providing and to maintain our sustainability.  Any fee increases will be notified in writing by the Management Committee giving at least 4 weeks notice.

We ask parents / carers  to sign a contract, a copy of which can be found here.

Payment of fees

The fees are payable every half term/termly and are worked out by the number of weeks in the term.  On taking up a place in the pre-school you will be asked to pay the first term’s/half term’s fees at the start of the term.  We would prefer payment by standing order, cheque or childcare vouchers.  Any cheques must be made payable to Cringleford Crackerjacks Pre-school.  Please include the name of your child on the back of the cheque.

Missed Sessions/Days

We are not able to refund any monies paid for sessions not taken or due to sickness, holidays or short term emergency closures such as flooding of the premises.

Hours of Operation

Cringleford Crackerjacks is open for 38 weeks a year in line with the school term dates set by Norfolk County Council.  No charge will be made during the school holidays.   At Cringleford Crackerjacks we strongly believe in the importance of staff development in order to maintain the quality of the service we offer and very occasionally it may be necessary to close the setting for training purposes.  Any setting closure for this purpose will be notified at least four weeks in advance and parents will not be invoiced for these sessions.

Local Education Funding

Parents have access to up to 15 hours of Local Educational Funding from the start of the term after their child is 3 years old and up until their child enters formal schooling.  Cringleford Crackerjacks is listed with Norfolk County Council as an approved provider of funded places for 3 and 4 year olds and is able to offer the full 15 hours entitlement of free early learning to all eligible children.


At Cringleford Crackerjacks we provide every child with a snack and drink every session.   We ask parents to make a donation of £10.00 per term to cover the cost of providing this.

Outings and Visits

At Cringleford Crackerjacks Pre-school we strongly believe that children benefit from a wide variety of experiences both within the setting and also within the wider community.  Although we try to cover the cost of the majority of our outings through our fundraising, there may be occasions when we ask for a voluntary donation towards the cost of these trips should you wish your child to attend. Parents/carers who attend outings with their child will be required to cover the cost for themselves.

One month’s notice period

We require a notice period of one calendar month, in writing, to the setting Manager should you wish to remove your child from Cringleford Crackerjacks Pre-school.    If your child leaves before this notice period, you will be charged for the remaining weeks.

Non-payment of fees

Should an invoice not be settled within 21 days, the setting administrator will make contact with the parent/carer to request prompt payment. If no payment has been received within 7 days of this inital contact then the Committee Treasurer will write formally to the parent/carer outlining the procedures of unpaid fees and will also make contact with the Pre-school Insurer’s Legal Team to register the unpaid fees.  Unpaid fees may result in the contract between the parent/carer being terminated and this will result in the child’s loss of his/her place.   Failure to pay outstanding invoices will ultimately result in legal action being taken to recover the outstanding debt.