Vision / Aims / Objectives

Mission Statement

Cringleford Crackerjacks Pre-school is a well established non-profit making charity offering play-based learning to children aged 3 and 4 years. We plan for the children using the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, providing a range of stimulating and relevant activities to support the children in their emotional, physical and educational development. We work closely with the parents/carers and families of children as well as with any other setting that a child may attend. We know every child individually and use ongoing observations of the children at play, together with parents’/carers’ observations to establish appropriate next steps for each individual child. These are then used to inform the session plans. This intricate cycle is intended to ensure that upon leaving Crackerjacks every child has the necessary skills and confidence to cope with their transfer into a reception class.

Aims and objectives

We aim to prepare children for their transition to school. Crackerjacks has always worked closely with Cringleford CE VA Primary School. The children from Crackerjacks are able to share the outdoor learning space with the children from the Reception classes and this enables the children to get to know the school staff and pupils. We strive to work with parents in helping every child to reach their full emotional, physical and educational potential. This is achieved through regular parent consultation meetings that focus on the child’s most recent developments and in setting ‘next step’ targets; weekly Stay and Play sessions; the use of Learning Journals for recording and monitoring each child’s learning journey throughout their time at Crackerjacks and, where necessary, through working closely with outside agencies to support children with individual and developmental learning needs. We intend to maintain professional development for all staff to ensure that their skills and expertise remain in line with current Early Years practice. Our existing team of 6 staff are highly qualified and experienced. Staff are actively encouraged to attend training courses and to keep their skills and qualifications up to date. At Cringleford Crackerjacks we work closely with our community, including the Church, Cringleford CE VA Primary School, other Early Years providers and local businesses, to ensure that the children receive over-arching care as members of the community. Crackerjacks Pre-school provision is well rooted in the heart of the village and as we expand this service we will continue to develop our links with the local community and surrounding area. We will build on the practice we have already established such as the children’s recent trip to Waitrose and the Police Officer who came into the setting to talk about safety. Through this practice we aim to ensure that the children’s development is not limited to the setting but incorporates their physical surroundings. This enables children to meet with members of the local community and to develop an understanding of their place and role within that community. It is our intention to provide an age appropriate environment that supports each child’s development. Our purpose built premises enables us to fully meet the needs of the children.

The vision

It is our vision to build a ‘centre of excellence’ for the pre-school aged children of Cringleford. With a purpose built environment and our existing highly qualified and experienced staff we believe that we can build on our good practice and ensure that every child who attends Crackerjacks will reach their full potential and will be fully prepared and equipped to begin their journey into school. It is our job to work closely with parents and families to construct the foundations and building blocks of each child. We intend to expand Crackerjacks to reflect the government’s current initiative to offer Early Years provision for 2 year olds from the most economically challenged backgrounds. Our intention is to provide high quality, age appropriate sessions for those 2 to 3 year olds, whilst working in close partnership with outside agencies to support their parents. It is our intention for Crackerjacks to expand its provision gradually. This gradual expansion will include the recruitment of staff, resources and equipment. Crackerjacks works to a comprehensive set of policies. Each policy will be revisited and revised in light of this expansion and will reflect the necessary changes in practice throughout the process of expansion, ensuring the continuance of good practice and the dedicated focus on the children.