Crackerjacks is a charity, run by a committee of parents/friends who are responsible for the management of the Pre-school. Their duties include managing the finances, supporting the staff, overseeing policies and practice, fundraising and organising social events. The committee welcomes as much extra support as is available from parents who do not feel they are able to join the committee. Committee members are voted in at the Annual General Meeting, held in September. Being part of the committee for some of the time that your child is at Crackerjacks enables you to be part of providing the best experiences for your child. Crackerjacks is dependent on the goodwill and support of its committee, without whom Crackerjacks is not able to operate. Membership of Crackerjacks carries expectations of parents in terms of their support and commitment.

The 2019/20 Committee are as follows:

Chair Person – Alexina Gooch

Secretary – Vacancy

Treasurer – Jin Zhen

Committee Members –  Karen Latoy, Anca Marcu, Tim Yau, Lesley Drew, Ayesha Abbas, Emily Dicks, Katie Sammacicci, Sree Navya

Please find below job descriptions for the Key Officer roles  and trustees of Crackerjacks

Chair role job description

Treasurer role job description

Secretary role job description

Charity Trustee job description

To ensure a high standard of governance, we also ask all committee members to complete the following:

Trustee Code of Conduct

Declaration of Interests Form

The Cringleford Crackerjacks’ AGM was held on Tuesday 1st October 2019

The following reports were presented at the meeting:

Chairperson’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Manager’s Report

Auditor’s Report